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What is a Chromebook

What are Chromebooks???

Now a days you probably seen machines similar to laptops. They are actually Chromebooks by google.
These are announced by google in 2011 with a hardware partner. There is considerable difference between windows laptops and google chrome books. They run Chrome OS instead of Windows and Ubuntu (a Linux popular OS).
It is designed for web browsing, e-mail, social media etc. The applications for Chromebooks exist mostly in cloud and every Chromebook gets 100GB of storage from google. it is suitable for those people who are spending their most of time with in browsers and a person comfortable with android's user interface. Unlike laptop they need better computing experience. The Chromebook can’t compare with windows laptops that you can’t use office, adobe Photoshop, Firefox, VLC player etc. they may not be ideal choice for heavy video games.
Overall they are low weighted and fashionable. If your work is limited to browsing then Chromebook is best choice. They are also good for students in order to report writing, browsing, viewing and uploading photos.
  1. Do not slow down and boot up in 10s.
  2. No problem of maintenance that it automatically downloads and install updates.
  3. Sometime not need of antiviruses. Google drive provide facility to back up the data online.
  4. They are faster, safer, easy to use and manage.
  5. Ensure the multiple profile login.
  6. Create documents edit, share and update them with built in apps like Google Docs etc.
  7. Browse fast, the Chrome instantly enables you to browse fast. 

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