Saturday, October 31, 2015

firefox download

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some really nice features are included in Mozilla fire fox browser that gives unique identification to it among major web browsers.
the fire fox is called speed king in performance test.
it has included many features to improve security for example sand box, security model, phishing detector, etc.
the browser is open source software and the code is reachable for every one.
like other browsers this browser also support tabbed browsing, so you can open multiple web pages in a window.
the fire fox contain integrated customization pop-up blocking. private browsing or porn mode is also available in it.this feature allows user to browse without leaving any browsing history.
the fire fox comes with improved download manager.
 it enhance the search capabilities with major search engines by providing search supports extensions, customization themes, dictionary for spelling check, plugins and apps.
it is available for all major operating systems.

Download from Official site 
Download apk file for Android.

New features in firefox 3 -video

fire fox 3 review

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