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Windows 10 Features

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windows 10

Windows 10 is a OS by Microsoft for PCs, released on July 29,2015. This is the best operating system from Microsoft yet.
How it is unique from other versions of windows and what's new in that operating system. We will highlight important features briefly now.

  • windows 10 is free.
Windows 10 is free available for one year.If you want to up grade windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to windows 10, it's free(first year of availability ). This facility is not available for Enterprise users.

  • Upgrade without losing data.
User can upgrade to windows ten. Usually the old files and programs need to reinstall in new windows but the installed programs in windows 7 or later will be available in windows ten. It is not need to reinstall apps. This facility ensures that windows user does not losing data.

  • Hardware compatibility.
The earlier versions of windows came and demanded to upgrade the hardware but windows ten is quite familiar with present hardware. It can easily communicate with existing hardware.
If a user use windows 7 in a PC, he can also install windows ten in that PC.

  • More features.
There are new and great features in windows ten as compare to previous operating systems. windows 10 prefers user's like and dislike. More customization is given for example a new setting panel had been included in which battery saver, developer mode and other useful apps are available. 
Microsoft is saying that This is starting of features...

  • One operating system-all devices. 
From initial point Microsoft had been trying to develop such type of OS which can easily run by all kinds of devices, for example desktop, tablets, smart phones etc.
now windows 10 is fulfilling this category. A user use mobile or PC, from both side the OS will be, it's easy to go forward with windows.

  • New browser.
There is a new browser in windows ten called Edge.The Edge is included instead of Internet Explorer. According to Microsoft the edge can easily compete  with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 
The Edge browser includes some unique features such as highlight on web pages, take notes, doodle etc.
This is a unique feature to have Microsoft Cortana with it.
Edge browser

  • MS passport and Windows Hello -A new security shield.
We have seen user accounts and passwords,pin and Outlook mail ID but windows ten able us to log in with fingerprint and face recognition. These additional feature makes windows more secure and personal.

  • Start Menu.
The start menu button is identity of Windows. It is easy to use Windows with start menu. The Windows 8 got a major drawback of omitting start menu button. Most people preferred Windows seven only for  start button.
Now Microsoft added  this feature again in Windows 10.It is re-designed and the interface is simple to use.

start menu button

  • Virtual Desktop.
This feature was not present in Windows. It is useful and makes work done easier in multitasking.Virtual Desktop is part of Mac and Linux OS but it is new in windows interface. Third party software were fulfilling this deficiency in Windows. 
  • Better Command prompt.
The command prompt is difficult to use in Windows but this feature is improved. The command prompt provide in this OS has facility of copying the text and past.

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