Wednesday, February 8, 2017

McAfee Antivirus free or premium download

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McAfee internet security (2016) lets you to install protection on Windows, Android, Mac and IOS. It also include internet security 's hot new true key password manager.

McAfee internet security is full of bonus and features. There are main things, for example vulnerabilities scanner, a cleanup tool and file shredder . The web adviser warns you against going online if the antivirus is disabled. The firewall  takes it's own decision about network and web access for each program. 

This  is also available for Mac. the Mac version is less feature-rich then Windows based version. It include firewall, antivirus and web adviser. There is anti-theft component with McAfee. It ensure to locate and restore your stolen phone. It have all the features like wipe the data, sound an alarm etc.

The McAfee internet security gives you many configuration options. It also gives you manual setting of sensitivity of the spam filter. The anti-spam  gives
 accurate result without any tweaking needed. A new thing, the latest version contains is true key password manager. The true key supports Firefox, Google chrome and Internet explorer. Initially it gives common sites, for example Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox etc. With logging in it can capture your credentials and also you can ignore it and just login a site you like.
McAfee for free downloads

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