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Office 2016 - 10 Best features.

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office 2016 features

The figure of Microsoft office users is very large and it is well known software from Microsoft.
Microsoft released Office 2016. This is free app on Windows store. The free version has almost excellent features but it needs premium version plus Microsoft and One drive account to access complete features and components of it. However, what are new features that made it unique from other versions ? We will discus them one by one here in very simple language. First of all the short video will show us briefly about features.

(1) Dark Theme.

The dark theme is improved in office 2016. It becomes easy to use and read text on tabs. It is good as it has less defects to eyes. you can change theme from your account setting. This option will select theme for all programs of office backgrounds. 

    office theme
  • Go to file >> Office Account.
  • Select a theme you like from Office background.
Do you want to change the theme just for this computer ? Then follow these steps.

  • Click on file and go to options.
  • Select theme from General page.

(2) Tell Me.

It can be easily noticed a text box on the ribbon.
office tell me
You may feel difficulty to find out all features of office .' Tell Me' is a best solution for this purpose. You can quickly find out any feature or action you want to perform. You just need to type words or phrase about your required action or feature. You can ask any question to 'tell Me'. It will help you and gives nearest answer.

(3) Smart Lookup.

The 'Smart lookup'  was already part of Microsoft Word. Now it will be available  in Excel, Word and Power Point as well. If you need to discover the meaning of a word from your document then select the word, right click and click on 'Smart Lookup' . A side bar will open on right side. In this section you will get information about your selected word. It fetches data from Wikipedia and Oxford dictionary etc. 

(4) Easy Sharing.
documents share

Sharing documents is very easy now. Just click the button on ribbon and select people to share your document with. The share button is available on the right side of ribbon. The people whom you are sharing the file, can edit it. You can see their ideas in real time in your document.

(5) Improved Version History.   

Now you can see and edit the previous snapshot in Word, Excel and Power point in improved manner.

(6) Mail Triage.

In office 2016 the 'Clutter' feature decide about your important emails. It gives priority to your important emails. You  can access them quickly to save your time. This is simple way to effective interaction.

(7) New Attachments.

Attach any document with Outlook and share with your contacts. Out look 2016 is more friendly as it is simple for attachment. You can attach one drive document or documents from resent list. It also enable us to preview them in  body of email with out using any program.

(8) One Drive. 
cloud documents

This is excellent feature of Office 2016. It can be used anywhere. You can easily save your work to one drive. This is free online storage from Microsoft.

(9) New and Modern Chart types.
 new chart types

It is simple to create any statistical  or hierarchical data in documents because there are six new and modern chart types are included in this version.

(10) Ink Equation.
office equation
The Word, Excel and Power Point comes with new feature called 'Ink Equation'. This Feature allows to write a complex equation on screen with mouse, fingers or stylus and convert it to typed equation. This feature also gives facility of write, erase, correct and clear options.
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