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Shiela USB Shield download

shiela USB downloads

The removable devices are major source to spread viruses.  The infected USB flash drive can easily disturb the system. Some time the virus works automatically with plugin the drive in computer. 

Here is a tool named 'Shiela USB Shield' for this purpose. It is free and open source. You will need to install it in your computer. 'The Shiela USB Shield' checks the drive when ever it connects to your computer.
If there  autorun.inf file found it simply stops it, the virus never entered in to computer. You can change setting according to your own. For example you may want to scan files with your antivirus program and you can select randomly or disable option for infected flash drives.
This tool works in background so you may not be disturbed. It is most powerful defense against viruses from removable devices .It also fix files and delete shortcuts. It include the flash drive vaccination tool, file and folder un-hiding tool as well.
overall this is lite and good program. the performance is excellent and satisfactory. 
Shiela USB shield

Removable drives have dependably been more inclined to infection contamination, since their versatile nature opens them to different dangers all the time. Consequently, they likewise encourage the spread of malware between PCs, which makes them exceptionally hazardous to utilize on the off chance that they are not appropriately ensured. 

Shiela USB Shield is a product utility that empowers you to effectively secure your removable gadgets, by giving you realtime insurance against a malware. Moreover, it additionally comes packaged with a couple of other, helpful security devices, which can be utilized to examine, sterilize and clean the substance of a tainted Flash drive. 

Once the realtime insurance is enacted, the utility is always viewing over your gadget, particularly with regards to record exchange and the Autorun.INF document, which is more often than not at the center of most sort of infections. Along these lines, at whatever point the drive endeavors to run a record or a project consequently, the application checks whether it puts your PC into danger. 

Adjacent to the scanner, Shiela USB Shield is additionally outfitted with an arrangement of cleaning utilities, which empower you to manage adulterated records. In the event that you need to keep the malware from contaminating your autorun archive, you can direct an "immunization" methodology, stuck in an unfortunate situation before it really happens. 

What's more, you likewise have the likelihood to bolt and stop the previously stated document, so it can't be altered or contaminated by any stretch of the imagination. In this way, your USB drive stays secured notwithstanding when it is utilized on an another PC, since the insurance is installed on the genuine drive and it doesn't require the application to be running with a specific end goal to guarantee assurance. 

All things considered, Shiela USB Shield offers you just about all that you could need to secure your removable drives from malware endeavors. In addition, it keeps running out of sight with insignificant framework prerequisites, while additionally permitting you to utilize compose security on your archives and stay ensured notwithstanding when the drive is associated with another PC.
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