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Firewall monitoring software

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SterJo NetStalker v.1.2 download
SterJo NetStalker v.1.2

The web browser is not lonely using internet connection. Do you know which program in your computer currently  using  internet ? The answer may be No!. lets find out the answer with Netstalker.
netstalker downloadsWindows comes with Firewall but most people are unknown about it. Some people do not want to use it.
The Netstalker shows that which program in your computer currently using  bandwidth, you can see and check, weather the respective app really needs Internet ? If it is not need then you can turn off the process or you can permanently close the process. It shows  complete details about applications and process for example their names, protocols, local and remote address and locations of process in system for easy access. To turn off connections right click, then option menu button.
If you have any experience of using Firewall then you can easily understand it because process, report information are similar and identical. 
if you don't have these kinds of information, don't worry, there are two policies and sub-settings for users. which makes easy to  get it simply.
While running Netstalker it will inform you when there a new process starts any time.You do not need to configure it or any additional setting.
You may think that what is the difference between Firewall and Netstalker ? so the basic answer will be easy and simplicity. This is simple and easy to understand. Please note that while downloading it other programs may also enter your computer because it install them without getting permission  from users. This method may be painful for you and if you want to avoid it then go to portable version.
The portable version is neat and clean so it is recommended that download portable version. however we provided safe path for you you can download here.

Download here

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