Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Download Facebook and YouTube videos without any software.

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Download Facebook video on your PC and mobile,  We are sharing this tip for download Facebook and you tube videos without using any kind of software.

You know YouTube is the world most well known video sharing site, If you wanna any video, you can download it by generating online download link.

Do you want to download videos from Facebook? You Tube and any other site? Here are some tutorials , you can download videos online with out using any kind of software.
Remove https://www. from youtube video URL, add SS and press Enter. You will be redirected to en-savefrom.net

Presently Facebook is getting more attention from web surfing, every day people download video from Facebook, So they additionally require this trap, And i wanna let you know that utilizing this you can transfer any media to your device.

(1) clipconverter.cc - (For Facebook & You Tube)

(2) en.savefrom.net - ( For Facebook & You Tube)

By using this site you can download videos of any quality and any type, just copy video URL and past it in savefrom.net. You will get the download link. If you want to download Facebook videos then Right click on the video>>show URL. Now copy this URL, You can use it for savefrom.net or clipconverter.cc for downloading it.

Copy video URL

Go to en.savefron.net and past your URL

Now download the media

(3) FBdown.net (For Facebook videos)

fbdown.net is another authentic site to download facebook videos. simply copy the URL of video you liked one and past it in the text field and press download. you can select video quality and get desired one.

(4) www.filevid.com (For Facebook Videos)

Download videos from Facebook fast and in secure way. it is best video downloader , which will help you to get media from Facebook.
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