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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Galaxy s7 review

It's the characterizing highlight when you haul this phone out among companions, keeping in mind it doesn't evoke the same reaction that the S6 Edge's presentation lasted year, despite everything it gets a great deal of affirming looks, particularly as it's consolidated with the adjusted back. 

The QHD determination of 2,560 x 1,440 still looks in the same class as anything I've seen on a cell phone. In spite of being extended a little from a year ago, the 5.5-inch measure still looks completely stick sharp, and it's difficult to see any antiques lying around on the screen. 

It's astounding to imagine that, two years after LG drew out the principal standard QHD phone, despite everything we don't have any devoted substance that can be seen at this determination. In spite of that, in any case, I don't feel like the Galaxy S7 Edge truly endures, as that show makes seeing pages and photographs a truly extraordinary affair. 

The S7 Edge utilizes Super AMOLED innovation, which Samsung's been throwing out for near 10 years now, and it truly functions admirably to make the phone look premium and the hues truly pop.


Samsung's first hot cell phone was the Galaxy S6 Edge – one look, and you just needed to have it. No one minded that its glass back grabbed an excess of fingerprints, or that it was dangerous and urgently delicate. Indeed, even Samsung haters who'd hated the brand in the past desired the phone. 

The S7 Edge holds the same attractive control over you from the minute you first look at it. It looked so damn great pirouetting in a glass case at the press occasion that I practically overlooked why I loathe glass-supported phones. 

In any case, then I touched it. Its sleek glass back was soon damaged by a mass of fingerprints, and the spell was broken. On the off chance that you don't care for fingerprints, you're going to need to pop a case on it, or bear a minor jug of Windex all over. It's additionally elusive, so we'd suggest the case, however it's a crying disgrace to conceal this stunning phone. 

Samsung might not have altered its unique finger impression issue, but rather it fixed the sharp metal edges that made the S6 Edge phone feel enormous and clumsy. The glass back bends now, much the same as the Galaxy Note 5, so that the metal edges don't delve into your hands any longer. Also, despite the fact that the 5.5-inch screen is greater than a year ago's model, it's shockingly thin and doesn't feel or resemble a phablet. By the iPhone 6S Plus — which has the same screen size – it looks emphatically minor. 

It's astounding the amount Samsung figured out how to thin down the S7 Edge. Its 2,560 x 1,440 pixel screen takes up about the whole front of the phone, leaving little bezels at the top and base of the gadget. Furthermore, on account of the bended edges, the screen seems, by all accounts, to be boundless. The impact is dazzling. 

In an arrival to shape, Samsung included an IP68 rating for dust and water imperviousness to the S7 Edge, so you can dunk it in water for up to 30 minutes without apprehension. Most cell phones don't have insurance against sprinkles of water, despite the fact that dropping your phone in the can is a standout amongst the most widely recognized mishaps that happen. It's an executioner component that makes the S7 Edge emerge from its fundamental rivals, the iPhone 6S and the LG G5. 

Be that as it may, to have a firm hold on the dangerous S7 Edge, I have to settle the base corner in my palm. On the off chance that I do that, I perpetually hit the back or menu catches. They're significantly more excessively delicate on the S7 Edge than on other Samsung phones, and immediately disappointed me. Most cell phone creators leave these catches on the screen for a justifiable reason – so you don't inadvertently hit them. 

You additionally need to push down the home catch to open it with your unique mark. This might be standard practice on the iPhone and the LG V10, however the Nexus 6P, LG G5, and other cutting edge Android phones have unique mark sensors that don't require a catch press. Simply touch your finger to the sensor and go. It's much quicker and more instinctive.

Key Specifications 

S7 Edge  Specifications

Screen and Display.

The differentiation proportion – the distinction between the whitest whites and the blackest blacks – is still really thrilling, which is on the grounds that when they're not being used, the pixels are killed; with something like the iPhone 6S or the LG G5 you have a presentation that quite recently shut out the backdrop illumination when the pixel is demonstrating a dark picture, so there can be a little measure of light seep through. 

The Galaxy S7 Edge screen additionally has the additional advantage of the side showcase, which is gotten to by swiping your thumb along from the privilege or left-hand side of the phone's screen (you can determine which in the settings). 

Where this was a rubbish, pointless element in years passed by, the side presentation has an a great deal more characterized part on the Galaxy S7 Edge. You can without much of a stretch access news, consistent contacts, apparatuses (the ruler, for digi-measuring is back – GET IN) and different components that are as of now being developed. 

Look at the Specs and Performance area of this audit to hear a tiny bit more about this element – or skip it totally in case you're exhausted of listening to me witter on around a bit of the showcase you can swipe.

Two processors.

The S7 Edge will be accessible with two unique processors, contingent upon the nation. In the UK and Europe, the phone will accompany Samsung's own particular Exynos 8890 octa-center processor. 

In the US and different areas, the S7 Edge will accompany Qualcomm's most effective chip, the Snapdragon 820. Benchmarking demonstrates the Snapdragon 820 is more effective than the Exynos 8890, especially its illustrations power. 

The form utilized for this audit is a UK variation with an Exynos 8890. 

The S7 Edge is the snappiest cell phone I have used to date and flies through system stacking, exchanging between applications, recreations and picture preparing effortlessly. 

It will probably handle anything you can toss at it. The Snapdragon 820 ought to perform comparatively. Both have 4GB of RAM, which assists with multitasking. 

Long battery and quick charging.

The S7 Edge is one of the speediest charging cell phones accessible, keeping in mind it doesn't support the new USB-C connector it has both fast charging and remote charging. 
The generally huge battery charged from 25% to 100% in a hour and a half through a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 USB power connector, and remotely charged at a rate of 0.5% a moment utilizing a 5W cushion incorporated with a bit of Ikea furniture. Utilizing Samsung's most recent remote chargers ought to be much speedier, however one is excluded in the container. 

The battery life of the S7 Edge was fantastic, effectively enduring over a day and a half with no extraordinary treatment. Utilizing it as my essential gadget, listening to four hours of music by means of Bluetooth earphones, searching and utilizing applications for three hours with many push messages and 30 minutes of light gaming, the S7 Edge would see me from 7am on the very first moment until 7pm on day two. 

The Edge has Samsung's new dependably on screen, which shows the time, a schedule of a photo on the screen when it isn't effectively being utilized. Samsung says it'll utilize under 1% of the battery 60 minutes. In my testing utilizing the computerized clock choice the phone dropped only 2% battery in 8 hours overnight, which is exceptionally noteworthy. 

The dependably on screen indicates call and content notices, however very little else. I wear a watch, so didn't think that its helpful, however it ought to be altogether more battery-proficient than always turning the phone on to check the time. 

The S7 Edge has a microSD card opening for including more stockpiling – the arrival of a fan top choice – yet Samsung ceased it being a piece of what Google calls "adoptable capacity". It implies the SD card appears as a different volume for putting away records, for example, music or photographs, however there are cutoff points on what can and can't be put away on it, not at all like when it is received as a major aspect of the principle stockpiling of the phone. 

For example, some applications can't be introduced on the SD card and some media administrations don't permit substance to be put away on it, which means you're confined to utilizing the 32GB of worked as a part of capacity. 


Samsung alters the standard Android encounter, this time Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with redid programming called TouchWiz. 

The Korean organization has been scrutinized throughout the years for entangling the astounding standard Android with pointless elements and bloat, backing it off and exacerbating it, worse. 

TouchWiz is still vigorously modified on the S7 Edge, however it is no more bloated, which implies it keeps running as easily as you'd trust. It has few a gimmicky components, yet they are not initiated naturally and are holed up behind a trial menu that approaches clients for input on whether they're helpful. Listening to customers is something worth being thankful for. 

The vast majority of Samsung's changes are great: all the more brisk settings, more power-sparing modes, broad control over notices including the force of the vibration. 

The Upday social news aggregator board on the home screen (which supplanted Flipboard on before Samsung phones) can be killed. I didn't think that its helpful. 

The S7 Edge accompanies an assortment of Facebook and Microsoft applications pre-introduced, the lion's share of which I would introduce typically at any rate. They can't be uninstalled, however can be impaired. I debilitated the Facebook application and introduced Metal. 

The edge programming incorporates a more extensive board over a year ago's S6 Edge. It's valuable for application alternate routes or for rapidly calling regular contacts, however little past that. It can be impaired on the off chance that you never utilize it, yet doesn't act as a burden. 

The gaming devices are entirely helpful. They can record amusement footage, prevent notices or catches from upsetting play and can restrain the cell phone's execution to spare battery power. You can even minimize a diversion without stopping it, which could be valuable for those that play recreations, for example, Clash of Clans or comparable. 


Samsung's cameras have been great throughout the years, however the one fitted to the Galaxy S7 Edge is significantly better than. The 12-megapixel sensor produces point by point, rich pictures and concentrates so quick you believe it's broken. However, it is the low-light execution that separates it from the rest, delivering a percentage of the best obscure free pictures in poor light of any cell phone. 

Given the greater part of us take photographs in poor light more often than not, especially in dark Britain, that is critical. The lens has a f-stop of 1.7, making it quick, additionally ready to create shocking close-up pictures with stunning bokeh impacts obscuring out the foundation with satisfying hues, which is especially useful for taking representations or pictures of articles. Sustenance picture takers will love it. 

The 5-megapixel selfie camera is marginally baffling. It delivers delicate pictures that need fine detail, even without the different magnificence modes on. Some may discover the pictures complimenting, smoothing over imperfections, however exploded to full size they're unreasonably delicate for my tastes.
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